JLE Tutoring

I specialize in helping YOU develop your writing skills.

Help With

  • Writing

  • Poetry Writing

  • Creative Writing

  • Spelling

  • Proofreading

  • Time Management

  • Effective Study Habits

  • Business/ Entrepreneurship/ Management/ Leadership/ Human Resource Management

Where I Service

* Online

* Or I can come to you


Assistance with

  • a plan to help students get started, plan, and complete pre-writing that makes it easier to succeed

  • following your instructor’s guidelines

  • delivering stronger arguments that flow logically

  • properly analyzing, organizing, and citing research

  • Grammar, Punctuation, Formatting and Spelling

College /Other

  • Coach writers to develop their scholarly voice and self confidence

  • Help Academic writers structure and develop their ideas

  • Review writer projects and provide constructive and supportive feedback

  • Specialize in editing, proofreading, and formatting of dissertations, theses and other scholarly papers (APA)

  • Assistance with identifying and prioritizing writing goals

  • Help with overcoming challenges

  • Thoughtful and insightful critiquing and feedback on writing projects

  • We offer support and guidance through editing, proofreading and formatting of resumes, books and articles.


Cash, PayPal, Square, and CashApp


Under certain circumstances, I do offer reduced rates. Please contact me directly here if you have questions about this policy or feel your situation may qualify.


$30.00 per hour- Standard tutoring consists of one-on-one tutoring sessions 1 to 3 hours in length and up to 2 hours of out-of-session help per week (email, text, sample test creation etc.).

First time clients will get a 2 hour session for $45.00


Contact me Here with questions!

What students are saying

Professor Lough, you are an awesome instructor! Thanks for being so informational and helpful, wish I can have you for the rest of my classes! Let's Get It! Good Luck Everyone!

Professor -

I want to thank you for everything - your patience and your endless communication. All in all, this was actually a really great class and I really did learn a lot, so thank you. I wish you blessings in life and in all your future endeavors.


Dr. Lough,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and I gained lots of knowledge. Thank you for being very supportive to all your students. I’m going to miss this class.


On a personal note, I have to say that Dr. Joy's class thus far has ranked as one of my top favorites! Keep up the good work, when an instructor is passionate about their work, it shows. :)


Thank you, Dr. Joy, for this wonderful experience. I found your class to be incredibly rewarding, and I can't thank you enough for all your support and kind words. You are truly one of the colleges finest, and I sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future.

Best Wishes,

~ Student

Dr. Joy,

I wanted to tell you in closing that you have been an instrumental part in building my confidence throughout this course and I appreciated all the steps you took to ensure our success. The videos and all the tips in the announcements, as well as the feedback given with the grades have been easy to comprehend and vital to meeting the expectations of the rubics.

Thank you again!


Dr. Lough, you've been a great instructor.

Thank you.